Dean and Medical Suprintendent

Massage from Dean

Dr. N Y Tasgaonkar Institute of Medical Science (NYTIMS) has a well equipped hospital and an upcoming medical college.

Our institute has the vision and plan for becoming one of the best multispecialty teaching hospital in India.

The institute is committed to provide top class medical education which is relevant to the health needs of individuals and the society.

With eminent and experienced medical teachers, ample clinical material an impressive library of medical books and journals and a well stocked skills lab, we are poised for imparting a high standard medical education.

Comfortable hostel accommodation for students in the lap of nature with palatable healthy food is available.

The atmosphere of the institute is safe and non threatening for staff and students. This is without compromising on discipline and dedication in studies

We at the NYTIMS will leave no stone unturned to produce world class doctors with the best of moral and ethical values.

Dr. Vinayak Sabnis
M.B.B.S, M.D. (Pathology)

Contact: 02148221501 | EMail:
Address: NYTIMS, Bhivpuri Road, Karjat 410201

Massage from Medical Suprintendent

As Mahatma Gandhi said, Science without humanity is a social sin. We at the Raigad Hospital and Research Centre, pursue the motto ” Quality in service, Excellence in care”

Our hospital offers patient care in all broad specialties as well as select super specialties.

The guiding principle is to give training in medical science through consentient education, provide professional services to patients and to strengthen The knowledge base through research.

The hospital is always ready to meet new challenges that face community health, be it malnutrition , deaddiction or national problems like covid 19 pandemic.

I am sure that the hospital will help provide medical education to aspiring students and groom them to become doctors with both empathy and knowledge.

This will be go a long way towards meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Dr. Habbu Harakan Jadhav
M.B.B.S, M.S. (Gen. Surgery)

Contact: 02148-221501 | E-Mail:
Address: NYTIMS, Bhivpuri Road, Karjat 410201


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